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November 19, 2009 : San Diego Trolley Tour

On our second full day in San Diego we went on the trolley tour. You can hop on and off as many times as you want, which makes it great for seeing the city. Oh, this pawn shop was once owned by Wyatt Earp (only it wasn't a pawn shop then, it was a hotel or a saloon or something).
Is Geoff psychic? Maybe...
This is the William Heath Davis house, the oldest structure in the Gaslamp quarter.
Heading onto the bridge to Coronado
And some great views of San Diego.
And again.
Looking from Coronado back to San Diego through the old ferry terminal.
The Pacific ocean!
Our first stop. Coronado is a lovely (if expensive) place.
Heading over to explore the Hotel del Coronado.
Geoff outside the hotel.
The path led us to the beach rather than inside the hotel. Who are we to argue?
Melissa contemplates the ocean...
...which is beautiful.
Any way you look at it.
Playin' in the waves.
And again.
And again.
The sand was so soft! So Geoff decided to bury me in it. :-)
Liss on the beach.
Liss and Geoff on the beach.
Eventually, we made it to the hotel.
Some info about the hotel.
Heading inside...
The courtyard was beautiful, and very, very quiet.
Bird of paradise plant.
And again.
Geoff checking out the gazebo.
A great view from a balcony. Oh, to be stinkin' rich!
The hotel's distinctive roofline.
Apparently, this is quiet a famous tree!
Can you tell I'm channelling the spirit of Marilyn Monroe? Yeah, me neither.
Oh, trolley, where art thou?
Impressive store fronts.
Back on the trolley, looking across at the city through Balboa Park.