Melissa & Geoff  · · ·  "Where's my phone?"
April 29, 2012 : Calgary Entertainment Expo

Yay, look at the line up to get in!! :-/
OMG, Ensign Harry Kim!
OMG, Ensign Harry Kim (again)
Commander Riker and Lt Worf (they were pretty far away from us, so the big-screen is the best we could do)
Counsellor Troy!
James Marsters (some guy from Buffy that apparently women think is super-hot)
Counsellor Troy
Doctor Beverly Crusher (didn't like people taking her picture and spent more time on her cell phone than talking to her fans)
Q! (really!)
Jordi Laforge
Data, except every time I'd try to take a picture, he would move!!
Command Riker (who wouldn't even acknowledge your existence if you didnt buy a $35 picture)
Captain Picard (and some woman from Space Channel)
What an amazing speaker