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May 09, 2012 : Melissa's Trip: Everywhere Else

Mom, Aunty Philippa and Uncle Steve in the kitchen
Chilling out
Aunty Philippa and Shandy
Off to Worcester!
The Malvern train station
View of the Malvern hills
In Worcester
Neat old building
First glimpse of Worcester cathedral
Stunning interior
The organ
We spent a lovely afternoon in Hereford
The history of the British empire in hats.
Philippa showing us the lesser known sights of Hereford. ;-)
Hereford cathedral
Some modern stained glass
Down into the small crypt
Detail of a cathedral door
Looking back across the bridge to Hereford
Stunning countryside!
The Oak pub, where we met John and Joy for dinner
Steve's enormous (but delicious-looking) dinner
Family reunions are awesome!
Neat ceiling in The Oak
John and Joy
Walking Shandy around Malvern
My grandfather as a baby!
Arriving in Hay on Wye
Proof that we are in Wales :-)
A bookshop in a castle - I am in Heaven!
Beans on toast!
So many "Saint" books! Fantastic!
Up outside the castle bookshop entrance
My favorite bookshop.
The complete works of Arthur Conan Doyle - signed!!
Another bookshop with an interesting interior
Inside an antique shop
Just what I needed! A spare jawbone!
My grandfather, William Swindell
Family portrait of my grandparents, my mom, and aunt.
My granny looking very posh
In Philippa and Steve's lovely garden
A nature documentary in action - all the dragonflies were emerging from the water!
A dragonfly emerging!
Road trip to Ashburton!
Visiting Delia, Dave and Tim in Whimple
Outside Tim's cosy little cottage just down the street
Delia and Tim in Tim's cottage
Mmmm... full English breakfast, complete with black pudding
The Hive, our B&B in Ashburton
On Dartmoor