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May 15, 2012 : Melissa's Trip: London

Checking in to The Rookery
Our fabulous room!
With a skylight!
The bath looks awesome, but try having a shower...
View down to Smithfield Market
The end of the 358th Celebration of the Sons of the Clergy
In St. Paul's cathedral
Looking up at the facade of St. Paul's
Queen Anne
Chillin' at Bar One
Hot chocolate and Smarties!
The Old Bailey
The new Old Bailey
St. Bart's hospital
Our hotel from the street
Such a neat location!
The lounge in the hotel
The atmospheric hallway
Mom on the stairs
In Smithfield market
Mmmmm... meat
The last photo before a butcher told us we needed a permit
Pig's feet, anyone?
Blackfriar's bridge
A baby TARDIS!!!
Cleopatra's needle
Down into the Churchill War Rooms!
Churchill's chair
In case you hadn't been aboveground, you could see what the weather was like.
Although it wouldn't have withstood a direct hit, they did reinforce the ceiling of the bunker.
The pinholes are the remenants of the movement of ships and convoys. Just amazing to see.
Someone put their sugar ration in an envelope and forgot about it - it was rediscovered when the bunker was reopened!
Churchill's bedroom
After missing our tour bus, we consoled ourselves with an expensive but elegant coffee in Harrods
Harrods' Tea Room
The Egyptian escalator
A memorial to Diana and Dodi
Into the amazing food halls!
Every cake is so posh!
The most expensive leg of ham I have ever seen! 1,800 pounds!
An escalator in a tube station
Into Picadilly Circus
The Criterion Theatre, where we saw "The 39 Steps"
The Criterion restaurant
Detail of the central fountain
Cousin Roger outside the London Library
Inside the library
A unique indexing system!
And an equally unique floor!
Care to read the Times?
Baby William Blake was baptised here
Waterstone's, where we had dinner
The St. Martin's theatre
Where we saw "The Mousetrap"
Yay! We made our second attempt at our Harrods' bus tour!
Our bubbly, knowledgeable and awesome tour guide Jess
Westminster abbey
Jess making sure we're all accounted for
Nelson's column
St. Paul's again
Tower bridge
The gherkin!
Across the bridge
To the Tower of London
The entrance to the west section of Highgate cemetary.
We walked around the very quiet East cemetary
Douglas Adams' grave. Can you call it a 'nice' surprise when you're talking about graves?
Roger and Karl Marx's enormous head. ;-)
The grave of George Sands.
So atmospheric!
An unusually graphic headstone.
Walking across Hampstead Heath
Arriving at Keats' house. What a lovely, tranquil place.
The bust is set to Keats' actual height. Such a tiny man!
Especially next to Roger!
Inside the Criterion theatre, where we saw "The 39 Steps"